Sunday Laughs

Sunday means church in our family. By a miracle, I had my family seated in the front row at 9:30 a.m. Even my husband (the pastor) came up and said, “Why are you here so early?” I said, “Hey, if they are all ready, I leave!” So, there we were, fifteen minutes early.

My plan backfired, though. Babygirl had enough of it all before they even got to the congregational prayer. I took her and YoungestBoy downstairs to the nursery. YoungestBoy wanted to go back upstairs, so I allowed him, knowing the the adult I left in charge of my twins would also watch out for him.

That is how it happened that I missed one of our church’s funniest moments!

Every Sunday, there is time allotted for individuals in the congregation to stand and give thanks. YoungestBoy noticed something happening, people raising their hands, so he, my new Kindergarten Boy, raised his hand. The woman at the pulpit saw his hand and acknowledged him.

He stood up and then said, “I’m not sure what the question is. What’s the question?”

The woman told him, “This is the time we tell about what we’re thankful for. Do you have something you are thankful for?”

I’m told that he said, “Oh. I’m thankful for electricity!” The congregation burst into laughter. This kid is probably going to be a stand-up comedian. He loved it!

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