Breaking News! A Big Storm Coming!

Snow isn’t supposed to fall in Seattle. We’re famous for our rain. Yet, it snowed Wednesday, Friday and now again today! The first day it snowed, we happened to be talking about prayer at the dinner table. How do you explain prayer to kids who recently prayed that Santa would bring presents? (Funnily enough, they didn’t notice on Christmas Day that there was nothing from Santa, nor was he mentioned.)

Finally, my husband stepped in and said, “Guys, God is like a good parent. He will give you what is good for you, what you should have.” I piped in. “Yes, sometimes God says no.” Shane added that sometimes God answers “wait.”

So, we settled the issue of prayer. Until bedtime. Zach got a gleam in his eye and suddenly bowed his head and prayed while I was getting his pajamas on. I knew that he was praying for more snow. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that God doesn’t alter the weather just for five-year-old boys.

Ever since, snow has fallen. Great big, midwestern-sized flakes. The nights have been cold and the snow lingers. The high temperature is supposed to stay below freezing for the next few days. Not unusual for many places, but very strange for Seattle. This is the type of weather that causes “Breaking News” reports to interrupt regular programming. “The Big Storm” and such, which is really hilarious for a few inches of snow.

Meanwhile, Grace has a cold, complete with disgustingly sloppy nose and occasional cough. She seems a little annoyed, but otherwise unbothered by her symptoms, though she is more demanding than usual. The boys have had a terrific time throwing snowballs and making snow angels. I’m kind of sad to see Christmas vacation end. But did I mention that I’m reading for Spring?

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