A day in review

From time to time, my daughter wakes me up to ask me urgent questions like, “Are we doing anything today?” or to recount the details of her bad dreams.  So, after the dog woke me early this morning and I’d fallen back to sleep, my daughter woke me and I said (without moving my mouth or opening my eyes), “Can we talk about that when I’m awake?”

It sounds more like this:  “CannwetaaalkboutthatwhenImwake?”

Staying true to myself, I stayed in bed until the very last minute, then rushed into the shower, into my clothes and downstairs to start my work day.

I worked until 2:50 PM and then gathered my lacrosse player, my soccer player and my cat-food-stealing dog into my mini-van.  Then I delivered the lacrosse player, took the lamp-cord-eating dog to two separate dog parks (first one closed, second one perfect) and then took the soccer player to practice.  I sat and read A Prayer for Owen Meany while the poop-eating-dog sniffed around and teenage boys continued to whack their soccer ball over the goal and toward my head.

I finally moved to a different bench.

Somehow, I’ve trained my excessively-shedding dog to expect a treat when I unzip my purse, so every time I’d pull out my phone, she’d push her slobbery face into the purse opening.  This was rather inconvenient.

Practice ended and I resisted my daughter’s attempts to convince me to stop at Baskin-Robbin for ice-cream.  We went straight home so I could cook dinner (soft-tacos, thanks for asking).  By then it was 7 PM.

What was next?  My nightly nap, of course.  I napped at 7:30 PM and woke in time to work again.

And now it’s 1:22 AM and I’m going to sleep.

I only wish I had something interesting to write about.

I would like to discuss the following topics, but then I think of how many people I might offend, so I keep quiet:

Controversial Topics I’d Like to Discuss But Probably Never Will:

Strapless tops and dresses
The pregnant Yahoo CEO
Gun control
Movie-ratings and why people should heed them
False eyelashes

But I do have opinions.  And maybe one day I will recklessly share them.  Ha.

5 thoughts on “A day in review

  1. it is 3:30am and i can’t sleep…i wish i could borrow some of your sleepy mind and you could have some of my wide awake time :0)


  2. Oh, please do discuss those topics! Blogs have a tendency to seek like-minded individuals. So, I have a feeling that I’d agree with you on many (if not all) of the aforementioned topics. Then I could write in and say things like, “Uh-huh!” and “You go girl!” and stuff like that.

    So do it! Do it! You won’t regret it!


  3. I’d be interested in a discussion about any of those things as I’m just finally getting around to understanding all the issues around gun control. (The Jason Alexander long twitter entry did a lot to help me wrap my brain around it). If you’d like we could do it in a more private email type way and that way there might be more thoughtful responses?


  4. I’d love to hear your opinions too! I like reading what others think about controversial topics, especially if we disagree. I’d hate to have a bone-headed opinion just because I haven’t yet heard a good argument for the other side. (Although heeding movie ratings is not controversial in my way of thinking. OF COURSE we need to protect our kids from Hollywood’s slop. I wouldn’t be able to read a defense of taking kids to violent movies with an open mind. Rant away on that one, sister! I’m sure we are all with you.)


  5. Be reckless, Melodee! Those topics will make for some great blog fodder. I can’t wait to read your opinions even though I dare say we’d pretty much agree!


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