Notes on this and that

People who live in Southern California refer to the various highways like Ivana Trump referred to Donald Trump: The Donald.  Interstate 5, commonly known in the Seattle area as “I-5” is called “The Five” here.  Highway 78 is “The 78.”  Interstate 405 is “The 405.” And so on and so forth.


Today we ate lunch at a breezy Mexican restaurant just a few blocks from the beach in Carlsbad.  As we were finishing, a man stopped by our table to ask if we were from . . . Idaho?  My husband said, “No, Washington, but we live here now.”  And the man looked to his friend at the door of the restaurant and said, “Washington!”  And the other man said, “I was close!” and I wondered if they made a bet . . . and what might have given us away as Pacific Northwesterners.  (The rust between our toes?  Our pale faces?  Do we have accents?)


While it’s more fun to unpack than it is to pack, it’s still less fun to unpack than it is to go to the beach.


Speaking of unpacking, has anyone seen the toothpicks?  or the USB cord for my camera?  or that salt-shaker I got from my grandma?


The worst part about moving has to be finding a new person to deal with my unruly hair.  I’m trying to make a good first impression on people but it’s hard when my hair looks like I can’t find my hairbrush.  I am Roseanne Roseannadanna. And I’m so sorry.


Someone told me you know you’re home when someone recognizes you at the grocery store.  On Saturday, Grace and I were lollygagging in an aisle at Costco when we heard, “Hi Grace!’  We turned and a man and his daughter waved at  us.  Grace is highly recognizable with her blond curls and when I am with her, so am I, apparently.  That was weird.


The other night, we had a family over.  Husband, wife, daughter, son.  The wife had pretty blond hair woven into a pretty blond braid.  Sunday at church, the husband said hello to me and then, “You won’t recognize my wife.”  She turned into a woman with pretty brunette hair.  That, my friends, is a dirty trick.  It’s hard enough to recognize new people if they change their clothes. Dye your hair and I will have no idea who you are.


Our last house had carpeting in the bathrooms and kitchen until we finally got around to replacing it with vinyl flooring and Pergo.  Carpeting + kids + toilets + bathtubs = Very Very Bad.

So, imagine my chagrin when we moved into this house and discovered carpeting in all three bathrooms.  Who does that?


I haven’t figured out what all the light-switches control in this house.


The end.

9 thoughts on “Notes on this and that

  1. Carpet in the bathroom? Gross!

    The article may be a carryover from Spanish…I’ve noticed people around here whose first languagw was Low German sometimes unexpectedly insert articles.


  2. I’d love to say I have the salt and pepper set your grandmother gave you, but alas, I don’t! The ones you did give me, however, look very nice in their new home on a shelf above my kitchen sink. I shelf I was about to get rid of, but discovered it worked well turned on it’s side in this new location. Come & take a look!

    And after you figure out what to do with all your light switches, please help me with my mystery. In my front closet is a dial that controls the bathroom fan – only, I don’t have a clue how to reset it – it goes on and off often, and is very noisy and strange.

    But alas, today I have 4 empty boxes!

    You, too?


  3. I never understood the carpeting the bathroom thing… warm feet? Isn’t that was rugs are for? Just as much, I don’t understand carpet in the dining area, especially with kids (of all ages/sizes).

    Sounds like things are falling into place. It’s at least nice when the kids are recognized when you are out and about. Enjoy the sunshine (I doubt you had rust between your toes… moss or mold maybe–haha!)–AND the warmth!!!!!!!!!


  4. Love you Mel! ❤

    I'd vote for the beach ANY day over unpacking too! Walking barefoot in the sand may slough off the mold between your Washingtonian toes 😉

    AND~ I hope you don't die your beautiful hair black anytime soon!
    I'm SO GLAD you are safe in your new location & can maybe finally relax for a bit.


  5. It sounds like you are home Mel.
    We’ve been here almost four years now and I still have NO IDEA what switch controls what on the row of five under the kitchen cupboards. And it’s an UGLY switch plate – but we cannot seem to find a new one for five switches.
    But I am unpacked now. There IS that.


  6. I’m so glad you all are there and starting to settle in. I’m sure you can sense the relaxation… or at least have hope for it. Anyway… you can say goodbye to slugs and moss for the most part. Now you need to stock up on sunscreen and water bottles.

    Enjoy the new environment!


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