This weekend is my son’s last birthday party here.  When he was in kindergarten, he met a boy who turned out to have the exact same birthday.  The other boy’s mother and I discovered this when they were in first-grade.  Eight boys came to my son’s birthday party and then went to his buddy’s party.  (I felt sorry for  her since they were all crazed by the time they left my house, all high on frosting and hi-jinks.)

Ever since then, we’ve held joint parties, sharing the expense and the madness of a group of hyped-up boys.

This year, they turned 13 and we’ve planned a party at a laser tag place.  I am in charge of making  cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate.  But first, I will have to buy a replacement tip for my frosting-thing because awhile ago, the garbage disposal chewed up my favorite cupcake-frosting tip.  Alas.

I can’t even remember turning 13.  You’d think it would be a memorable birthday, but for me?  I can’t remember much of anything.  I mean, it was 1978, so I can rest assured that my hair was hideous and my clothing was probably polyester and I was not watching the popular movie of the day (“Saturday Night Fever”) or seeing the Sex Pistols in concert.

I was, however, watching “Mork and Mindy” and “Happy Days” and seeing “Grease” in the movie theater.  Of that I am sure.

But I have no recollection of my birthday.  At all.

Can you remember your 13th birthday?

4 thoughts on “Thirteen

  1. I remember pictures of my 13th birthday. It was 1982 and I had a rainbow cake made with pink frosting and gum drops. We lived in a little tiny house with a little tiny kitchen that was in the process of being remodeled. I don’t remember what I got as a gift though (I know for my 10th birthday I got a camera, a 110 with built in flash–no flash bulbs for this chick!!). Oh wait, I think maybe I got a walkman that year. . .weren’t the 80’s grand?

    My Grace will be 13 this year too and I can’t quite process it. Wasn’t she just a sweet little three year old who talked like she was from New Jersey? Night time prayers were so cute “Now I yay me downa seep. . .and didn’t she just loose her first tooth and twirl in her first communion dress?


  2. it may have been my 13th bday when we were returning from seeing my brother in college. We had a adult, older, family friend with us and stopped at Farrells ice cream shop for dinner. My parents told the waitress it was my birthday and if anyone remembers Farrells, they made a BIG, LOUD announcement about EVERYTHING. If anyone remembers being thirteen the last thing you want to do is go out with your parents, and the very last thing you want is for them to announce you are there, on your birthday, at an ice cream shop with only your parents and old family friend. LOSER!!! but I survived. Barely.


  3. Hm…took a lot of thinking to remember my 13th…and I think I finally pulled it up. My sister (2 years my junior) and I both got Michael Jackson t-shirts. Billy Ocean sang “Loverboy” – Tears for Fears sang “Shout” – and Huey Lewis and the News touted “The Power of Love.” We spent Saturday nights at the rollerskating rink in our 3 stoplight town.

    Those were the days!


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