Stream of barely consciousness

Today, I refrained from crawling back under the covers and instead, went to Macy’s.  They were having their One-Day Sale, which they have pretty much every other week, but I was lured by the idea of bargains and boots.  I did not find boots, but I found bargains.  Just in case you were wondering.

Tomorrow, I need to resist the urge to crawl back under the covers because I have a small load of stuff to drop off at Value Village.  Then I plan to deliver a shelf-thing to a friend who has agreed to accept it.  I just have too much stuff and a really busy weekend planned.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, an American Girl catalog came in the mail and instead of throwing it away as I have every other time it appeared, I offered to 8-year old Grace.  She spent the rest of  the afternoon and the entire evening studying the pages, marking up the most important things with check marks and circles and noting on other things, “whatever you think.”  Once she saw the Bitty Babies, she decided she’d rather have one of those instead of an American Girl doll.  She loves, loves, loves babies, just as I did at her age.

Tonight, I ordered a toilet and a kitchen sink.

Tomorrow, my three boys are getting haircuts.  Trims, really.  They are all long-haired and not parent-approved.

I really need to make dental appointments and an eye-doctor appointment.  Maybe I will remember to do so tomorrow.

The forecast calls for possible snow.

The skies are dark by 5 p.m.

Thanksgiving is next week.  NEXT WEEK!

That is all.

2 thoughts on “Stream of barely consciousness

  1. Oh dear – today I thought: “I want to go to Macy’s tomorrow for their one-day sale”. Oops – guess I was one day off – but what do I have to keep me focused on what day of the week it is? ha I didn’t even change my clocks for 3 or 4 days – what’s the point in knowing the time?

    I miss out on the sales, is the point. Glad you keep up with the world – a new toilet, even?



  2. We saw an advertisement for the Macys sale on TV… the nearest to here is probably over 60 miles away. So, no sale for me! So, what did you find?

    You know, every once in a while it is OK to settle back down under those covers~ I’m sure you deserve it!

    Yes, Thankgiving next week! In fact, a week from today! And, it’s at MY house this year! *breathing in and out*


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