My husband and I were half-watching football tonight.  Then the gray-bearded face of Bret Farve appeared on the screen and I said, “Look at that gray in his beard!”

And my husband shrugged and said, “He’s old.  He’s your age.”


Okay then.

(Forty-four, almost forty-five and I promise you I do not look a day over sixty-two.)

7 thoughts on “Old

  1. Wait ’til you get offered your first Senior Discount when you haven’t yet reached the age for it. Well, for me that’s been going on a long, long time, since I was 35 because of my silvery-white hair. I was so insulted back then. Now, with my 56th birthday today, I say ‘Bring it ON!’ I saved $7 from Senior Discounts last Tuesday at Fred Meyer on my Christmas gifts. There ARE some advantages to growing old, ha!


  2. All you young things who worry about being old – ha! Just remember, if you didn’t age, there would be something seriously wrong with you – we are on a journey, remember – so we must keep rolling along.

    Besides, when we get old enough, we are proud of our age. The secret, I think, is to keep living while we are alive! Think about that…


  3. My poor brother went gray early, he’s nearly glowing white all over now (he’s 50) where he’s not bald. I was also going to make a smart-alec comment about you not having a single gray hair in your beard, but Judy beat me to it.
    Mel, while I haven’t seen you in person in a few years, I promise the pics I’ve seen are fantabulous, and I wouldn’t peg you as over 40.
    I really really promise.


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