Phantom headache

My daughter has not adjusted to Daylight Savings Time.  Couple that with the fact that she is still recuperating from the virus that plagued all the kids and that explains this morning.  She came into my room, fell back asleep in my bed and when I prodded her to take a shower to get ready for school,  she demurred and I compromised and told her just to get dressed.

She did, but then came to me rubbing her eyes, beginning to cry, telling me she had a headache.  I doubted her, yet doubted myself.  Maybe she really did.  However, school is only half-day kindergarten and surely she could get through the day?  She missed four days last week.

So, I said, fine, stay home, but you’ll have to rest and then we dropped the neighbor boy off at school.  Our ride home was silent.  I went back to bed, figuring my morning full of errands was shot.  She went to her room and then reappeared in mine five minutes later.

“Mommy, can you take me to school?”  And so I did and signed her in late.

After school, her teacher said she didn’t complain once.  (Sometimes my daughter calls me from school, telling me she misses me and asking if I’ll pick her up early.  I always say no.)  I mentioned the headache and the teacher said she didn’t once mention it.

Later, I asked Grace, “Did you really have a headache or did you just want to stay home?” and she admitted she just wanted to stay home.  However, she also admitted that she had fun at school.

You’d think that after being a parent for over fifteen years, you’d know exactly how to handle every situation.  Yet, after all these years, I’m just muddling through, hoping I’m doing all right and that my children won’t have long-term relationships with therapists.

I am faking it.  Don’t tell the kids.

11 thoughts on “Phantom headache

  1. I hate when my kids pull that one on me. I cannot always tell either. I am always somewhat satisfied (bad mommy) when they barf or something to prove, yes I was right, they ARE sick. ( I would like to fake headaches also to stay home from work…..)


  2. You’re not faking it! You’re doing what we all do – the best we can. Every kid is different. We’ve learned to err on the side of caution, and have not been disappointed. It’s a journey for both you and the child.

    Take care, Mel!


  3. As a rank amateur compared to you (one kid, 10), I am muddling thru 90% of the time, so I feel better knowing I’m not alone! 🙂 We too are struggling w/ the time change, & the kids are taking CSAPs this week (Colorado’s standardized tests). So lack of sleep plus tests equals crabby. I vote we all call in & take a mental health day….


  4. LOL My son is right here next to me on the couch – and does not seem sick anymore… was miserable this morning I forced him to school and said go to the nurse if you get worse… 1 hour later he was back home but at least he got to turn in his project and brought home books for homework. Fake Fake I was so glad to read your blog today!!!!


  5. I’ve not gotten used to it, yet.

    So far, it’s left me too tired enjoy the later sun light.

    Anyway, it’s too cold HERE to be outside yet.


  6. My youngest (also in kindergarten, but they are full days here… sniff, sniff…) will pretend to be sick sometimes when what she really needs is some Mommy time.


  7. pumpkin_seed has been doing that lately…crying wolf, so to speak. i think she is just a little burnt out is all…in the long run is it really going to matter if she misses a day here and there??? i don’t think so, she is a really good student and even the teacher said she won’t be hurt by missing some time.


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