You can’t make me like these things

1)  Raw tomatoes

2)  Country music

3)  Haikus

4)  Tattoos (oh, but your tattoos are cute; it’s all the others I don’t like)

5)  Jan Karon novels

6)  Kool-aid

7)  Other people’s feet

8)   Flocked Christmas trees

9)  Sleeping with a nightlight

10)  Expensive purses

13 thoughts on “You can’t make me like these things

  1. I’m with you on tattoos and Jan Karon novels. I don’t see what the excitement was over them when they first came out. Didn’t like them at all. And I just plain don’t like purses period. I don’t think I even own one. I had a wallet stolen back in the 1980s and I’ve never carried more than a wallet that fits in my pocket since. A lesson hard-learned.


  2. I’m so with you on 7-8 of those things. I have no idea who Jan Karon is, and I do love Kool-Aid. I’ll also give myself a half-point on tattoos, I like some, but hate others, I have nothing against the particular form of expression, I just shake my head at what *some* people choose to put on their bodies.


  3. I must respectfully disagree with the handbags. I heart handbags. I don’t do “expensive” anything else. Oh, and I have a tatoo as a reminder of my wasted youth. Psyche. I actually got it in my early thirties when I was rebelling like a bad teen against my first marriage.

    Flocked Christmas Tree story: we had a flocked tree every year when I was a kid. My mom had lights on white wire (instead of green) and white hooks for the tree, etc. She was all about the flock. One year, unannounced, dad came home with a green tree. Mom was quietly displeased but we kids decorated the tree anyway. Long story short, dad went to the drug store and bought flock-it-yourself-in-a-can and flocked the decorated tree, destroying all of the ornaments.

    Good times.


  4. I’m with you from 4 on there. But, I’d probably drink koolaid if I could (diabetic) and I LOVE tomatoes. I live in TX and grew up in a small town. I don’t have a choice on the country music. HA!


  5. I have thought we were friends–good friends. And now you have given me cause for pause:

    How can you not love Kool-Aid?

    Aside from raw tomatoes and an expensive purse ( which I don’t own) I can side in with you on everything else.

    May I add a few things to the list?

    Blue eyeshadow. Televised golf. Fig Newtons. Political ads. The sound of a bagpipe. Orange scented deodorizers.


  6. I can’t stand kool-aid either, and here I thought I was the only one! Of course raw tomatoes are wonderful (for me) I’ve just gone and written about them at my place!



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