I’m one of the few people I know who suffers from allergies in the fall, not the spring.  At least, as long as I stay in the Pacific Northwest, I am free of springtime allergies.  (One more glorious reason to live in this overcast region.)

I’ve become aware of a great way to deal with allergies:  American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s AccuClean Air Filtration System.   What’s cool about this “whole home air filtration system” is that it 99.98% of allergens from filtered air.  What I think it even more impressive is that it removes 99% of the common flu virus.

And, you don’t have to remove your current heating and cooling system.  The AccuClean Air Filtration System is  attached to your existing furnace or air handler.  No fuss, no muss.  And easier breathing, at least while you’re inside your home.

Now, come fall, when I’m sneezing my head off, I will remember this post and think, “Oh yeah, I should really check into that AccuClean Air Filtration System.”  Too bad they couldn’t hook me up with the whole unit in exchange for this post.  (Instead, I’m just getting an Amazon gift card, which it’s only fair that I admit.)  (Click here for tips to a cleaner, healthier home.)

Don’t Look Now


2 thoughts on “Sneezing?

  1. Ok. I officially hate you. I live in the PNW and my allergies start in January and if I’m lucky they stop in October. No freaking fair. :P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



  2. I have allergies in the fall, too. Which stinks because it is my favorite time of year. I live in Oklahoma, so right now everyone (except me and my kids) is sneezing and crying from the pollen and ragweed. It’s 85 degrees outside. Despite the allergies to come, I can’t wait for fall.


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