Parentings teens, revisited

Sentences which may have been uttered in my house yesterday:

“I will make you care!”

“Fine! No electronics! No t.v.! No video games! No computer! Is that what you’d like?”

“Yes, you’re lucky that you’re nothing like Daddy or me.”


“Stop arguing with me! Don’t say anything!”

“Your job is school! (I don’t get paid.) You get room and board! We let you live here, we feed you, we buy you stuff!”


“I think the boys need to go to Christian high school next year.”

Today is much better, thanks for asking. But my voice is a little hoarse.

8 thoughts on “Parentings teens, revisited

  1. I admire you so much for home schooling those boys. I have a 14 year old boy too, and one of the happiest moments in my day is when he goes off to school for six hours. I love him desperately, he is part of my heart, but man he’s irritating these days. If I had to home school him, I’m not sure both of us would survive.

    Hang in there. My 17 year old is awesome. They get better, after awhile.


  2. I so know where you’re coming from! We’re looking at returning to homeschooling again this year, and knowing we had days like yours in the past makes us hesitate more than a wee bit…


  3. OMG – just found this website. Said all those things more or less in a day. Yelled at my 11 year old daughter. for falling off a swing. Now full of guilt – it never ends.


  4. I love the “I WILL make you care” comment..too hilarious for words! But you do have my most sincere sympathies. Having no brothers, but one little sister, I’d guess we would have made my mom all crazy with our bickering. Maybe not all the time. {Angelic smile on face}


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