Grouchy, me, yes, why?

Seriously.  This was a rotten day.  No, even worse.  It was a Rotten Day, intensified by the fact that I haven’t had a “day off” in about a million years due to circumstances in our lives.  So, my disposition is a little less sunny than usual.  (Ha ha ha ha . . . that’s funny because you’d never say I have a “sunny disposition” under any circumstances.)

Okay, so the guy came to fix the heat pump.  He was here a few days ago, fixed it and still, it continued to leak water all over the floor.

The water seeped into the carpet and the carpet mildewed and has stunk up my whole house.

This makes me cranky.

The 4-year old will not stop SCREAMING.  The older kids will not stop provoking her and tattling until I was to reach my hand into their mouths and pull their lungs out through their esophaguses.  (Esophagusi?)  And the neighbor kids come over in shifts and they also cause the 4-year old to let loose a blood-curdling scream.  Or ten.
Oh, I have more.  But right now, I have to go.  I’ll be back.

10 thoughts on “Grouchy, me, yes, why?

  1. Oh no. I could probably finish this post for you. Right now my house is all stunk up from a flood in our basement. I have had sleep like I have a newborn in the house again- up during the night tending to the flood and I honestly don’t know what is holding me up right now!



  2. Oh dear. But listen, I can cheer you up!

    I wanted to tell you that you TOTALLY have great legs for leggings! Your thigh-to-calf ratio is fabulous! Go for the leggings if you want them!


  3. I can totally relate to the whole screaming thing. My three are at it constantly and the littlest one (2-1/2) is also a screamer…which provokes the other two to tattle. It doesn’t get any better than that! 🙂 Hope your week looks up, Mel. 🙂


  4. I used to tell my kids that I would pull out their lungs through their noses–a lot easier to spell and pluralize(?).


  5. We had this problem with our dishwasher a few years ago. It would not drain. The repairman came out, ordered a part, came back out, ordered another part. After it flooded my kitchen and ran under the wall and under the carpet I gave up and bought a new one. It was a learning experience but much less expensive then yours, I’m sure.


  6. What is it with the screaming and bickering lately? My 6 year old, who should be over the screaming hysterics, has gone from bad to “bad times gone balistic”. And I like the comment above mine about the whiskey. It’s looking better and better.


  7. ok, I yelled “Shut up” at the screaming bickering , then started crying at what a horrible mom I had become. Prior to that the 10 yo was playing with the video recorder and got me on tape with the furrowed brow, angry mom look. Gotta erase the evidence. Not something I need to see EVER again.


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