This is a mommyblog, right?

My daughter at the pool: “Mommy, I did a can-opener on the diving board!”

She just discovered the delight of jumping off the diving board after a summer of hesitation.  Now, she’s working on tricks, one of which is the “cannonball” which she mistakenly thinks is called a “can-opener.”  (She wears a life-jacket since she hasn’t pass the pool’s swim-test, but she has taught herself to swim this summer.)

6 thoughts on “This is a mommyblog, right?

  1. How cute! My boys have discovered the joy of tricks in the pool this summer too. The 15 year old spent one day doing belly buster’s and back buster’s til he gave himself a migraine!


  2. We’ve started swim lessons (late, I know) with my 6 year old (almost 7). Although she can swim around in the shallows she lacks the confidence to go in over head. The first day she jumped in the deep end. I’m very proud of her!


  3. According to my husband, there is a jump called the “can opener”. He even taught it to my boys. But then again, maybe it’s just something he and his friends made up as little boys themselves!!


  4. Too cute.

    My 24-year-old-mother-of-two daughter STILL says unintentionally funny things like that.

    Now I know why I’ve had a migraine all week. My life has been one BIG belly-flop.


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