Answer Number One

Karen from Simply A Musing Blog asks: Do you ever have to have the last word in an argument or do you let your husband have it? Also, if you let him have it, does that make you a more virtuous wife? Just kidding on the last one – but seriously…my husband will break down each statement I make in the heat of a disagreement and compare and contrast, then alliterate his points and subpoints when making his case. Does anyone else’s husband ever do this? or is this just a preacher thing?

Answer: My husband and I rarely have arguments. This is in large part because we’ve been married twenty years and rather than fuss at him, I have the whole argument in my head. I recite both parts, his and mine, and reach the conclusion of the argument without ever having to involve him at all. I am mostly kidding, but often, I let things slide because I really do hate to argue with him.

I tend to be the one who cannot let things go permanently, though. Weeks after a disagreement, I might bring it up, only to make a sarcastic or wry comment. So I suppose I tend to have the last word since I never forget about the dust-up that we’ve had.

My husband doesn’t break apart my statements, as your does, so I’m going to have to say that might be a personality thing and not a pastor thing. I am more apt to be the one analyzing and trapping him in his words . . . and knowing that I can be vicious with my words, I really do try to guard my words and just let things that don’t matter drop.

I am by no means virtuous, however. I just don’t like to fight with him.

2 thoughts on “Answer Number One

  1. I am an emotional creature. My husband is very calm and therefore not emotional when “arguing”. We too, rarely argue…but if and when we do – I always give in early because 1.) it’s not about who is right, it’s about what is right; and 2.) I have realized that arguing really doesn’t bring us any closer to one another. We are not the “kiss and make up” types…we stew on it for days, and I really dislike that. I love H-A-R-M-O-N-Y in my home, don’t you?

    Thanks for answering – you have great wisdom! 🙂


  2. ahahaha, you know that conversation you have in your head? I ALWAYS do that. the only problem I have is when I tell him about it he just doesn’t remember the conversation. he just laughs and I am again thankful for him.


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