Bad Mom! Bad Mom!

For weeks, perhaps months, I’ve been saying to my 9-year old, “You need a haircut!” He half-heartedly agrees, but his overgrown mop is fine if you ask him. The boys around here sport a variety of styles, but long, 1970s messy styles are fashionable, not that we pay much attention to fashion in our family. This week, I said, “Would you mind if we had your hair cut?” and he agreed to have it cut.
I mentioned to my husband that our son needed a haircut. It’s not so much the length I minded. Rather, it was the

Dutch-girl look nod_dutchboy.jpg that drove me crazy. So, today, after Avalanche Ranch, my husband took him to the barber. We discussed what to ask for (“A not too-short boy’s haircut”).

So, my son came home afterward and his face told the story. I said, “Hey, come here. Don’t you like it?” and he burst into tears. I tried to feel his pain. Really, I did. I patted him on the back, hugged his resistant body and told him, “It’ll grow. Hair grows. By the time school starts, it’ll be long.”

Secretly, though, I wanted to do a backflip in celebration because it looks fantastic . . . short in the back, long on the top, cut over his ears.

He is miserable, but I am thrilled. (Don’t tell him.)

(I try not to concern myself with hair and clothing choices, too much, but when I occasionally get my way on matters of personal taste, I can’t help but feel victorious. And happy! And the tiniest bit guilty.)

8 thoughts on “Bad Mom! Bad Mom!

  1. My 5 yr old daughter insists on my cutting it just below her ears EVERY time I cut her little brother’s mop. So, I either get the long haired daughter or the long-haired son. When do I get to mess with her head?!


  2. He won’t love it until it grows back long!!! We go round and round with my 13 year old boys as well. I guess I’ve given in and grown to like the look. There could be worse things to worry about then long hair I finally decided!


  3. I have the opposite problem. My son is forever asking me for a haircut (God Bless the Flowbee guy!) and I hate giving him haircuts. He likes it short, but he doesn’t sit still, even at 16. I’m not good enough and trimming around the ears to try to do so on a kid with a ticklish neck. Hair clippers have flown across the room over this issue, although it’s been years since that happened.


  4. I need to cut all the boys hair in my house. I have needed to for 3 weeks. My mom, nana, likes the boys hair longer. I hate it, so I cut it and everytime she says your scalping them, which I am not thank you very much. I guess I like the preppy boy look.


  5. It’s only been in recent history that boys and men started wearing their hair short, and many still do prefer it longer. I don’t see what the big deal is. Boys look fine with a longer cut. I just don’t care for it if it’s stringy and greasy. But a nice longer style is very fashionable now, if you look through the kids’ fashion magazines these days.


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