Why do boys spit?

And why don’t they flush?

Why do boys love to dig holes?

Before guns were invented, did boys turn everything into swords or arrows?

Why do boys smell?

Why don’t boys notice that they smell?

Why don’t boys care if their hands are sticky?

Why do boys hate haircuts?

Why do boys put the empty milk carton back into the fridge?

Why don’t boys notice that they have gunk stuck to their teeth?

Why are boys so gassy?

15 thoughts on “Why do boys spit?

  1. Ahhhh, Mel, you made me smile! I have two girls and two boys and ohmygoodness are they different. And why do boys find any and all potty humor relentlessly funny?

    Have a Joyous Day!


  2. Why do boys make machine gun sounds, complete with spittle flying, while playing in the dollhouse with their 3yo sister?

    Or why do they make Cinderella fall down the stairs of her little, plastic castle, screaming “AHhhhhh” all the way down, while my daughter yells “Stop! She doesn’t fall. She loves the Prince and MARRIES HIM”.

    Boys. They are so strange! ;*)


  3. I discovered yesterday for the first time how badly my 28 month olds feet smell. That is 2.5 years old and he already has a odor on his toes. My husband thinks its great, meanwhile I am washing his shoes and making sure I wash between his precious little toes!


  4. The thing I really wonder about is why they don’t outgrow all these things. Why is that? Oh, and please add, why do they think some kind of magic will start the dishwasher? Or, why do they think the maid (which we don’t have) will clean up after tham? Inquiring minds want to know.


  5. Because they will become men.

    They only care about all that hygiene stuff because they eventually reach a point where to want a girl’s attention.


  6. One of my sons made a gun out of American cheese. I laugh when new moms of boys say they not allow toy guns in the house. Oh yes they will—the guns will smell like feet and be day-glo orange.

    I share many of the same questions, having four boys. Gotta love those little cowlicked heads.


  7. My boys are still pretty young, but God please help me do a good job raising them. For the record my 4 yr old boy never flushes and never washes his hands unless I remind him. He’ll say sorry mom and run to take care what he should have done in the first place.UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  8. Oh, the perfect topic. I have a two yo boy and the spitting… *sigh* Where he picked it up from I have NO idea. I have many bad habits but that one doesn’t happen to be one of them! Does this mean my 2 month old boy will be doing it at 1? As we all know they NEVER pick up the good stuff. *double sigh*


  9. LOL, you just described my son perfectly.
    I Wanted to add that I’ve recently found your blog and really enjoy it. We lived for 4 years in Washington (Fort Lewis) and it’s our favorite place so I feel nostalgic when reading about Puyallup, Pike Place Mkt, etc.


  10. sounds like you need a vacation. Isn’t it in the curriculium to study something in DC? Anytime after May 19th you’d be welcome. Wouldn’t that be fun!? We can have the guys watch all the children and we can meet Barbara half way. She’d do it! And if not, we’ll find out how to get to her home. Tempting? I’ve been wanting to meet you in person!


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